The Rosewood team reviews all they accomplished in 2022

After a relaxing and celebratory holiday break, the Rosewood team are back and busy at our desks in our various offices today, and 2023 is proving to be as exciting as its predecessor. We’re excited for all the amazing projects this new year is bringing and anxious to get started, but first, we’re taking an opportunity to review and reflect on the incredible year and successes the Rosewood team and our clients have shared in 2022. 

Rosewood Grew in Team Members and in Service Offerings

Overall, 2022 proved a productive and fruitful year for us and our clients. Rosewood saw growth in all divisions of our company and reached some fantastic milestones. We grew to over 120 active clients and white-labeled for 5 other agencies. We also started a new nonprofit fundraising platform in collaboration with Graf-Martin Communications. Our Canada-wide team even met up this Fall and spent some quality time together for a photoshoot and day of fun.

Rosewood Rebranded to Serve Our Clients Better

Rosewood saw some exciting changes and developments alongside our growth in 2022. In November we celebrated our seventh anniversary. It’s astonishing how much Rosewood has grown and changed over the years. To match our development, in August of this past year we launched our rebrand with Rosewood 2.0. Our loyal peacock departed for a new logo look and feel. To match the growth of our services over those years, we also took the opportunity to clarify our company core values, mission and vision. Along with that new look, we implemented a new target audience and social media strategy. We’re still growing and changing and will soon be launching a whole new website that better reflects Rosewood’s path forward. 

Rosewood Welcomed a New Account Coordinator

2022 was certainly a year of news for Rosewood. To better organize our wide swath of projects, we implemented a new project management system through That was spearheaded by another new at Rosewood. We brought on our newest team member Paige as an Account Coordinator to our clients and to support Rosewood internally. Paige has been an incredible addition to our team. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and her penchant for planning has been vital for customizing’s setup for each division and their specific needs to ensure the utmost streamlining for everyone.

Speaking of our divisions, they also have plenty to boast about for their 2022s. 

Here are just a select few of their wins from 2022:


  • Designed and launched more than 25 new websites
  • Completed over 640 updates and requests
  • 18 new clients signed on for maintenance for regular updates, optimal functionality, and high-quality content from our expert web team
  • Developed a new fundraising platform for nonprofits in collaboration with Graf-Martin Communications


  • Our advertising team produced a nearly 20x return on advertising spend (ROAS) which also produced a customer acquisition of up to 6x for some of our clients
  • Ads team was able to generate over 7,300 visits to just one of our client’s websites
  • One client’s ads reached nearly 71,000 people, and another was seen a staggering 312,646 times

Digital Media:

  • Created and published well over 1100 posts 
  • Numerous new clients signed up for our social media services to improve their business’ discoverability, reach, and authenticity
  • Successfully increased clients’ reach through social media to develop high-profile partnerships, including two from the ground up

Catch the Ace:

  • Helped nonprofits raise over $500,000 to support community programs


  • We successfully put our heads together to solve an escape room during our team building day
  • Our Director of Digital Media, Georgie, became a proud mother to the first Rosewood Baby (and she’s adorable)

It proved to be an eventful and accomplished year, but we’re even more eager to continue our work and growth into 2023. We have some new services that we’re excited to announce soon. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates. For now, we hope you all are also having a good start to the new year. Thank you all for being a part of this past year, and we’re looking forward to sharing in success this year.

Couple using self stick to get content ready for holiday social media trends

Halloween is over. Ghosts and the Monster Mash have been dethroned by the holiday spirt and Mariah Carey. It’s also time for social media channels to shift into holiday gear. So, to start the season, Rosewood is gifting to a list of the major trends that you should consider while creating your social media content for the holiday season of 2022. 

Visual Content

Nearly half of consumers want to see images and video of the products they might buy. As a result, visual social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are especially suited for holiday content. Livestreams on these platforms are also a great opportunity for engagement where you answer questions or provide personalized recommendations to your followers. Overall, ensure your holiday content is going on the right channels.

Experiences and Outside

The last two years have left many wanting for moments outside that the pandemic prevented. As a result, people are putting increasing value in experiences over things. Content that appeals to this desire is perfect for the holidays, especially as many seasonal activities will be resuming this year. People are far less worried it’s cold outside than they are excited about getting to go to holiday markets and winter festivals. Content that includes these holiday experiences is likely to resonate well with your audience. Connect products and/or services you provide to holiday experiences. This product or service might be the perfect thing to unwrap! You can also invite followers to comment about their holiday plans and hopes to create engagement. 

Influencer Gift Guides

More than half of social media users buy products based on influencer recommendations. Many influencers now provide gift guides or recommendations as the holidays approach. If you have relationships with influencers, send them a gift or see about the possibility of them recommending one of your products or services as one. If an influencer organically recommends you, be sure to share their content on your own page. Lastly, if you aren’t working with any influencers yet, it can be a good idea. Even for small businesses, micro-influencers can give you a huge social media boost.

User-Generated Content

You might not just have influencers creating content for you. The holidays are a particularly active time on social media. Users will regularly be posting about gifts and services they are giving or receiving. These users are actively making your business a part of their holiday celebrations and experiences, which will lend your brand more authenticity and interest others to do the same. If they tag your business and praise your business, products, or services, then be sure to repost their content on your own page, 

Sharing is Caring

You can also use your followers to help spread your business. Many of your followers are those who are interested in your products or services already. This means they probably would like those as gifts this holiday season. Create content that highlights popular products and services with call to actions for followers to share as a gift idea. They can provide a family member or friend a not-so-subtle hint while sharing your content. 

Shopping Early 

For the last two years, the major surge in holiday shopping has begun in November and now, over half of holiday shopping is done by December 1. Most shoppers look for early holiday sales by November 1 so that’s more and earlier than just black Friday. Highlight deals and offerings now so that they capture your audience’s attention when they are starting their holiday searches.

Last Minute Reminders and “Super Saturday” 

While most shopping happens in November, plenty still happens during the quintessential holiday month of December itself. Plus, there are always last-minute purchases happening in-store. Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas, is still a big last-minute shopping day. Continue to highlight special offerings as well as smaller products or services that make perfect last-minute gifts. 

Online and In-Store

Most holiday shopping now happens online, especially the first wave in November. Thankfully it is much easier to convert social media engagement into online purchases, so ensure holiday posts include call to actions that direct followers to your e-commerce marketplace. 

Delivery Woes

On the other hand, the last two years have also familiarized folks with the constraints of shipping around the holidays. Canada Post and other shipping companies become quickly bogged down by the onslaught of orders. As people have now learned the lesson that holiday gifts might not arrive in time, they are more likely to shop in-person as the holidays get closer. Content that highlights your storefront may induce more to come. Alternatively, if you can guarantee shipping times or use a more local delivery option, highlight that advantage in your content. 

Services are Timely

If you’re business focuses on services, the holiday’s delivery woes won’t be an issue, something you can emphasize in your content. However, your business is still limited by its availability and the holidays can be busy. Provide content that highlights your availability and its limits. For both product or service-based businesses, it’s a good practice to communicate when your business is taking its own time to celebrate the holidays.


The holidays are festive, so have fun with creating this season’s content. If you’re looking for more tips or want some support on your holiday social media trends and content, our marketing team are masters of every social media season. 

The Rosewood Team cheers the birthday with some cupcakes

Wow, it’s been a wild ride, and Rosewood is celebrating its 7th birthday!

From the start, founder Deanna has always been an avid learner and kept an eye on marketing trends to identify opportunities for growth. Over the years Rosewood has naturally grown and evolved from a solopreneurship to a full-blown digital marketing agency.

It definitely hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it. There were days/weeks when it felt like nothing was going right. But these trials and tribulations would somehow always morph into huge breakthroughs and opportunities. Remember, the only way out is through.

Rosewood continues to specialize in websites, ads, and social media marketing for small-medium businesses. We are also exploring how we can help more nonprofit organizations with their fundraising efforts. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting initiative coming soon!

This year we made substantial changes to the Rosewood brand itself, which we called Rosewood 2.0. This included our new refreshed logo, as well as refining our target audience, mission, vision and core values. This was a much needed refresh and we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from friends and clients.

While our branding may have changed, our gratitude to the diverse range of clients we serve and their trust in Rosewood remains the same. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’ve loved having you along for the ride.


Clients Served: 250+

Websites Created: 100+

Coffees Shared: 150+

Team Members: 12

Virtual Meetings: Too many to count!

Emails Sent: We don’t even want to know!

Here’s a Snapshot of Our Rosewood 2.0 Update:

Rosewood’s Core Values:

  • Honesty: The foundation of meaningful relationships between teams, clients, shareholders, etc.
  • Authenticity: Be true to your mission/vision. Amplify the benefits of your product/service truthfully and without gimmicks. 
  • Strategy: Build a clear strategy before you make a move.
  • Accessibility: Ensure equal access; not just concerning accessibility tools and application, but equal access to effective marketing strategies and solutions.
  • Opportunity Leveraging: Change the mindset from “problem-solving” to “opportunity-leveraging”.
  • Partnership & Collaboration: We work with you, becoming an extension of your team. We truly care about your business and mutual success! 


To support geographically-bound service businesses and nonprofits by strategically aligning their marketing efforts with their goals.


To amplify awareness and success of local businesses/organizations that contribute positively to their communities. 

Our Approach: Authentic Marketing

We believe that authenticity is key. If you have a valuable product/service that improves the overall quality of your community, we want to help you amplify your message and spread the word. 

We’ve Levelled Up All Our Services, Including:

  • Advanced WordPress Websites
  • Advanced Shopify Stores
  • AODA / WCAG Compliance (Website Accessibility)
  • Advanced PPC Ads: Google, Meta (Facebook/Instagram), LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.
  • Branding:
    • Renaming / Rebranding
    • Service Design
    • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media Management & Content Creation
  • Photography & Videography
  • Content Writing

What’s New at Rosewood?

  • AGCO Licensed Supplier for Catch the Ace Raffles
  • COMING SOON: Customizable Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits
Hands of the team at Rosewood each holding a small cupcake for the birthday