A graphic of a man sitting on a stool taking a photo of a women. These will be used to update the website photos.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your customers, which is why it’s so important to put the time and effort into updating your website. If you haven’t reviewed your website photos recently, we highly recommend doing as soon as possible. Keep reading to discover the top reasons to update your website photos to keep attracting new customers to your site.

Make a Great First Impression

When someone visits your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Outdated images can completely wreck your chance of converting a browser to a customer. This is why you always need to offer high-quality and up-to date-images that are reflective of your current branding and your current products. If you haven’t replaced your images for years, it may be time to make some updates!

Your Website Photos Should Evolve With Your Business

No business should stay in the same place year after year. When you still have the same images up on your site that you did two or three years ago, it’s clear to customers that you haven’t improved your offerings or your products during this time. Your website needs to show growth and evolution, so make sure you keep updating it with images of recent events and changes within your business. Brand photography and videography services can help you to show a clear tone or message through each image on your site, which is important for consistency and to continue evolving your business.

Keep Your Clients Up to Date With Current News and Events

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s the best way to keep your clients informed about the changes within your company. Adding new pictures each week or month shows them the recent activity within your business, and can show off your employees’ achievements and the customer service you offer. You could even feature images of happy customers, showing how dedicated you are to offering the best service or product possible to them. A quick and easy way to do this is linking your Instagram to your website so it is seen as a gallery! 

There’s nothing worse than landing on a website which doesn’t look like you’ve spent any time or effort on it recently, so make sure you take some time out in the upcoming weeks or months to update your site as needed.

These are just a few of the top reasons to keep your website photos updated. Your website is an online storefront for your company, and you need to do all you can to stay ahead of your competition. When comparing two different businesses to purchase a product or service from, you’ll find that the images on your site could be the one thing that stops someone from choosing you in the future. If you need help updating your site this year, get in touch with our team today. We have a team of photographers and videographers with a wide range of specialties.

A video camera on a tripod recording a women that is sitting on her couch.

If you have ever thought of setting up a home video recording studio, now is the time! Since COVID-19 has hit and stuck around, content plans have had to be reworked, or even put aside. With these tips, you can set yourself up right from the comfort of your own home. 

Having the right equipment is going to make a huge difference for your home video recording studio setup. Luckily, we can help you find the basics at almost any price point. 

At Home Video Equipment Checklist for Beginners:

  • Phone Camera or Web Cam 
  • Camera Tripod
  • Lighting
    • You can totally get away with natural lighting, however, for those overcast days, an LED ring light can make all the difference. 

TRICK:  You can find LED light rings & tripods in one!

TIP #1 – Choose an Appropriate Setting

Use a nice space in your home to make your backdrop not only beautiful but full of personality! Having a set of props that reflect your brand image will not only make set up easier but also keep your videos more consistent. A tall plant and a trade show banner work in a pinch!

TIP #2  – Keeping Consistent Lighting

Having good lighting makes all the difference in videos. Lighting helps to keep the camera focused on what you are shooting, and not on re-adjusting to the lighting. Whether it is natural or artificial lighting, you want to make sure your subject is facing the light, and that the light is smooth. We don’t want any harsh shadows…unless that’s what you are going for. 

Because sunlight is constantly changing, investing even a little into some artificial light will be well worth it. Google the “Three-Point Lighting System” to see the setup we use and recommend to all our clients.

TIP #3 Adding a Second Camera

Adding a second camera can add some dimension to your content. Whether it’s a second phone or a second video camera, getting some different shots can increase the “professionalism” of a video. If your subject is shot from the front, try adding your second camera 45 – 90 degrees from your primary camera. When editing, you can take footage from both angles, leaving you with a more dynamic video. 

TIP #4 – Floor Markers 

Setting down markers on the floor will allow you to take snack breaks in between takes…but in all seriousness, setting down markers will help you stay consistent in the long run. When working at home, sometimes you are the producer, director, stylist, lighting, and camera operator all in one. Having place markers on your floor will help you stay consistent. It will also help you with continuity while editing. 

TIP #5 Check 1..2..3..

Tip #5 but Rule #1: You’re going to always want to do an audio check. There is nothing worse than filming an amazing video, then finding out during editing that the audio wasn’t very good. A solid tip for any at-home studio is to figure out what your space’s baseline audio sounds like, and then fix that. A great example is an empty room that tends to echo; we can fix this by putting some furniture in it to help absorb the sound. Another great example is knowing what goes on outside of your space. If the garbage truck comes every Wednesday at noon, then it is probably not the best idea to try to film during that time. 

TIP #6 Prep B-Roll Shots to Cover Any Mistakes

B-Roll footage is what is outside of your main set up. Examples of B-Roll could be closeups of a prop, or of someone’s hand. Having B-Roll can help you hide any filming mistakes. You can cut to some B-Roll instead of using the original footage. 

TIP #7 Practice 

Be kind to yourself, practice makes perfect. Your first video isn’t going to look and sound like your 5th, 10th or even 50th video. You’ll learn your own tips and tricks along the way! 

Remember, if you aren’t up to filming in-house content, you can still book your professional photos and videos with the Rosewood Team. Commercial photo/video shoots are still permitted to operate during the pandemic.

social media

A social media presence is one thing, but ensuring your digital platforms remain original, on brand, and content-driven is another. No longer is it acceptable to not be creating your own media to share with your audience; those reposts and #throwbackthursdays are only going to get you so far.

Further, our most recent findings across social media algorithms have shown that, particularly over Instagram, if you aren’t posting more than five times a week, don’t expect results.

Staying Up to Date with Changes in Habits, Platforms & Algorithms

People’s habits change, new software is created and platforms need to update their algorithms to keep up with the influx of data all fighting for first place. This can influence how people use and react to social media marketing, as well as how marketers (us!) reach our target audiences.

We all need to make sure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media. Doing so ensures you have the right tools at your disposal, an up-to-date strategy, and the required skills to make the most of your digital presence.

Content Packages Specifically for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

From blogs to photos and videos it can all get overwhelming to keep creating kick-arse posts for your business. It’s a fulltime job, right? Well, what if I said we can help with that?

Our professional photography and videography services are designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help tell their stories.

Our friends over at Hubspot in their most recent 2020 Video Marketing data shows that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. Additionally, they found that people who don’t currently use video are set to bite the bullet this year, with 59% of them expecting to utilize it in 2020.

We Recommend Quarterly Media Shoots to Stay Seasonally Relevant

But, we aren’t here to just push video – because sometimes it just doesn’t apply to your business offerings. That’s why we offer photography services, too. We typically recommend quarterly photoshoots, to ensure that your content is seasonally relevant. These pictures can be used in blogs and as social media content. Not only do they tell your story, but they help your audience resonate with you and build trust.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. We are here to help. Believe it or not, our process is very streamlined, and you can have fresh content ready for posting in less than a week.

Our Process:

  1. Content Planning Session
  2. Photo/Video Shoot
  3. Editing
  4. Use Your Photos! Options: Either the client can manage their social with special training from Rosewood on BEST practices OR Rosewood can manage your social media presence

Want to know more? Check out our Videography and Photography page HERE for all of our package details. We even have a special running for January to give your social media the 2020 facelift it needs.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started!

Looking forward to seeing you through the lens,