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Here’s Why Hashtags are Essential For Social Media Growth

Putting out great content but getting minimal post interactions? This could be because you are using the wrong hashtags! When Instagram first launched, they were the #butt of all jokes. Now, they can make or break your social media strategy. Hashtags can be used in a variety of different ways. That’s why it is important […]

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Make your Website Faster: The Importance of Website Speed & Performance

Website speed is the number one determining factor for if a visitor will actually see your website. You already did the hard work of directing them to it. Don’t lose out on potential business by having a website that takes over 2 seconds to load. Here are our recommendations for testing your website’s speed and […]

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Why Every Business Should Have a Blog (Following Best Practices!)

Last week we talked about content repurposing, and how you can turn one blog post into multiple pieces of content. This time, we wanted to talk about why your business should have a blog There are two aspects to why you should be posting blogs: Technical and Business.  Technical Reasons For Why You Should Have […]