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6 Tips for Better Business Facebook Posts

6 Tips for Better Facebook Posts for Business Newmarket Social Media Marketing Aurora Newmarket Richmond Hill Markham Rosewood VA

A Business Facebook Page is a tool that can be very beneficial for small businesses and their social media marketing campaigns.  It allows a business to connect with its fans and followers in a real way that you don’t get with just a website alone.  If you do not have a Facebook Business Page, I highly recommend you start creating one, or contact me for more information on this.  Facebook can help you drive customers to your website, and work on building and maintaining a relationship with those customers.  Once you have the page, what do you post?

Here are 6 tips for publishing better posts on your Business Facebook Page:

  1. Have an idea of the type of content your target market would like or find useful.

Start asking yourself the questions that your potential client base would ask.  What may some of their common interests be?  For example, if you’re a health oriented business, it wouldn’t make sense to post a recipe for deep-fried bacon-wrapped butter.

  1. Offer great value in your posts.

I don’t necessarily mean you need to offer a discount in every post, but offer some sort of educational value.  Drop the sell, sell, sell attitude and instead offer an interesting fact or statistic.  Something fun that reflects you as a business, or you personally as an entrepreneur (while still being professional of course).

  1. Don’t post anything vulgar or offensive.

It can be hard to determine what can/will be offensive to some viewers.  When in doubt, leave it out.  Posting light hearted humour and positive thoughts is always acceptable.  If you are going to rock the boat, be prepared for the damage control that may be required.

  1. Show your personality.

The great thing about Social Media is that it lets you branch out your online presence beyond your website.  Your website holds the facts, and may paint an incomplete image of you as a person and a business owner.  Don’t be afraid to post topics and ideas that you find personally interesting.  Try to space these out, however so it doesn’t become so much about your hobbies and interests that people start to lose the main messages of your business goals.  For example, I love cooking and gardening, so every once in a while I will post a recipe, or an interesting way to grow tomatoes.

  1. Post frequently, but not too much that you become a nuisance.

You want to have a presence, so you are noticed without becoming a nuisance to your followers.  Some social media experts will say “post as many times a day as possible, no exceptions!”.  However, I find this to be misleading.  I would rather post information less frequently that is going to engage my followers without the risk of them unfollowing me.

  1. Most Importantly: Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Pictures are the easiest way to generate content for your posts, make a large impression and the easiest item for followers to look.  A picture says a thousand words so if you are in a visual industry like retail, post images of your new products.  If you are not, you can still post images of your attendance at events, fundraisers, networking meetings, etc.

Facebook is a Great Social Media Marketing Tool

Facebook is not only a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family, but a great way to build your business’ online presence.  Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs where you as an individual are such a large part of your organization.  Let your personality shine through and let your followers engage with you.  Just make sure you’re ready to respond!

I love working with small business in Newmarket and York Region in a Green Niche of Health and Wellness, Fitness and Eco-Friendly industries.  If you are looking for help building your online presence with social media marketing, I invite you to contact me by telephone or email, or through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  I look forward to helping you help our community!

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