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Google Ads

Part 1: Google Ads

If you could spend $1 and make $2, why wouldn’t you?  That is what PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads can do for your business when properly managed. Did you know that Dragon’s Den Dragon Michelle Romanow’s company Clearbanc’s only lending requirement is that businesses are spending appropriately in Google and Facebook Ads?

Why are Google Ads and Facebook Ads so popular? Firstly, because they work. And secondly because they’re trackable; you can easily see your return on investment in real time. When configured correctly you can easily compare your PPC or CPC vs. your return on investment.

Now, the most popular question we’re faced with from clients is: should I invest in Google Ads or Facebook Ads?  The answer, it depends on your business goals and the product/service you are promoting.  We’re going to break down the who, what, where, when and why of each service, so you can see for yourself which one is right for your business goals.

Google Ads

We have been providing Google Ads services for 5 years to entrepreneurs and small businesses in York Region and beyond. We have seen great results, low CPC’s and high conversions across a range of industries.

Who Should Use Google Ads?

Google Ads are great for 99.99% of businesses. Who is the 0.01%? I’ll explain. Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types specific to different goals.


In cost-per-click campaigns, you determine how much you’re willing to spend on keywords, and are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. These ads are our #1 choice for beginning Google Ads. They are especially easy to track when you are selling products via an e-commerce platform.


In cost per thousand impressions campaigns, your ads are shown across the display network on a variety of websites within the Google Display Network. Let’s say you’re selling special athletic socks. Your display ads would then show on a variety of sites with shoes, or sports equipment for sale.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are a way to pay to have your website listed on the frontpage of Google. Your ads will only appear when a potential lead makes a search using the keywords you have specified. You determine the type of campaign you wish to run, and your budget. Your PPC Manager should help you determine this information.

Where are Your Ads Shown?

You have several options of where your ads can appear.  The Google Ads Network encompasses the following:

Search Network:

Text-Only Ads that appear only when relevant searches are queried. These are great for local businesses with a niche.

Display Network:

Graphics and text ads that can appear on the Google Display Network, which is a collection of over a million websites (you can set parameters on which websites your ads will appear on). These are great for larger brand awareness.

Shopping Network:

Your products would appear in relevant searches as shoppable listings. Only use this type if you have an e-commerce platform.


Your video ads would appear before YouTube videos. You must have a commercial video to use this campaign type.

Universal Apps:

When you have a new or existing app and want to encourage app downloads.

When Should You Use Google Ads?

Google Ads should be incorporated into any business strategy. As a minimum budget, you will need to run a report on your estimated cost of keywords and overall reach for the month. You may also need to factor in agency management fees if you decide to outsource your ads management.


Google Ads can act as a virtual salesman. As long as your account, campaigns and ads are set up properly, you can take advantage of a sales stream that was previously untapped by your business. The great thing is you can see results of individual ads – we use this to run A/B testing and come up with the highest performing ads, then pit them against newbies!

We offer account setup as well as ongoing monthly management of ads. We start with a customized strategy, specific to your products/services, business goals and budget. We then set up your account and either hand it over to your or we can act as your PPC Manager; regularly reviewing your results, making adjustments and ensuring that your account is optimized to reduce the cost-per-click and increase your return on investment. Please reach out if you’d like to speak to us about these ads for your business.

Overall, Google Ads are a favourite here at Rosewood. We have taken the Google Certifications courses and always stay up to date with Algorithm and Guideline changes. If you’re not taking advantage of properly configured CPC marketing, you could be missing out.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we will be looking in-depth into Facebook Ads.

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