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As an entrepreneur it can feel like you are endlessly changing hats. You are simultaneously your CEO, IT team, marketing agency, financier and cheerleader. When every moment matters and time management is essential, adding one more task to the mix, blogging, might have you skeptical. But blogging, writing small topic-specific posts on your website, can have incredible benefits for your business.

The Benefits of Blogging

We live in a world where people want to feel connected to the companies and services they choose to spend their time or money on. It’s the reason you will see any large company like Coca-Cola, or Nike with a ‘news’ page on their website.

Blogging on your website is a quick way to create these connections with your clients, while controlling the topics you share. It gives you the opportunity to resonate with your readers, to give clients a taste of your personality and the things that matter to you as a business owner, and to boost your credibility by communicating your knowledge of your industry.

And the marketing machine that is Google loves new content! Google wants to show searches the most recent and most relevant content specific to their search terms. Every time you create a new post for your website you help your SEO (search engine optimization) by letting the cyber world know that you are still an active thriving business.

What to Blog About

For those just starting out, this is one of the biggest hurdles, what do I write about? I’m an aesthetician, an arborist, a lawyer, what do I have to say? The answer to that is, anything.

The problem with blogging falls under our perceptions of it. Sometimes we view it as mindless drivel, when really it’s an opportunity to share knowledge about our industries. Whatever you’re business, you’ve probably been asked a question about it.

Every time someone asks you a question, this is a potential blog topic.

Maybe they want to know what the benefits of using essential oils in pedicures are, or what type of trees grow best in full sun. In my case, people often ask me what the benefits of blogging are and is it really worth their time.

Regardless of the business you’re in, questions equal opportunities for blogs, and more importantly questions equal connections with those asking.

If you’re still struggling with where to start, think about the question you get asked the most. Right there you have at least ten potential blog topics. Challenge yourself to answer those questions in a minimum of three hundred words and show your clients what you know, who you are, and why you deserve their business.

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