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TikTok Marketing Strategies: Tips for Engaging a Younger Audience

A young woman reviewing her TikTok posts and marketing campaigns

It’s no exaggeration to say that TikTok has taken the world by storm these past few years to become one of the top social media platforms. While Meta and others continue to imitate features and attract users, TikTok holds onto its younger audience. As a result, it’s the primary social media platform where businesses can engage and develop a younger audience. We’ll explain the key TikTok marketing strategies and how your brand can use the platform to engage a younger audience.

TikTok’s Audience Is Young

TikTok’s 3.2 million Canadian users skew younger than other social media platforms. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but the numbers are still staggering. In fact, over 70% of TikTok’s users are under the age of 40 with 43% of all users in 2022 between the ages of 18 and 29. That means if you’re looking to engage and expand your business’ reach to a younger demographic, TikTok is the best place to find and engage with that audience.

How TikTok Content Works

TikTok is defined by its short video content delivered to the user on their “For You Page” (FYP). Like other feeds, this page will feature both followed accounts and the platform’s suggestions. Videos are typically merged with sound clips trending on the platform that TikTok easily allows others to sample, which contributes to the development of trends. These features have been more recently imitated in other social media platforms, such as Instagram’s reels. In the past 4 years, the platform has developed other kinds of posts, including pictures and longer videos. Today, you can post videos up to 30 minutes long, but overall shorter videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes still define the platform. These work best for the FYP as users continuously scroll through videos. 

TikTok Ads and Sponsored Posts

Of course, TikTok provides businesses with digital marketing opportunities and tools. Like other social media platforms, these allow you to create advertising campaigns, track post metrics, target certain audiences or topics, and so on. This can include creating sponsored posts that will show up in users FYP. However, to foster engagement with a younger audience, you will want to focus on providing posts and content. That will need to be tailored to your brand and audience. Behind the scenes and candid product features tend to do well for e-commerce, while a catering service can feature videos of cooking or preparing their food. As well, just like Instagram, there are TikTok influencers, whom you can sponsor to create content featuring your products or celebrating your services to their own following and the wider platform. 

Engaging TikTok Content – Responses and Stitches

TikTok features the basic engagement tools found on other social media platforms. Users can comment, message or tag a business, and businesses and brands can reply and react. However, one of the strengths of TikTok is how its engagement tools are interconnected with its content tools. For example, you can create videos that reply directly to a comment, featuring that comment in the video and linking it to the original. This is a great, visible way to engage with your audience. For example, if someone asks a good question for which you want others to know the answer, you can create a video responding to that comment. This also shows that your brand actively engages with its audience, leading to more follows.

There are also stitches. These use content from another user to start the video and then cut to the actual account’s own video. These usually respond, react, or build upon the original video in some way. TikTok’s “green screen” feature is used in a similar manner, but instead the original content acts as a background. These can be a great way to interact with your community and audience if they create content featuring your products or services. Stitches are also one of the main ways businesses can jump on TikTok trends.

Jumping On TikTok Trends

Trends are not unique to TikTok. They happen on every social media platform. A certain post or type of content goes viral and then seems to fade just as fast. Where TikTok differs is that its stitching and sound sampling tools allow users to easily jump on and engage with this momentary popularity. Often these trends include the use of a particular sound or clip from another viral video in a playful twist of that original. The use of the same sound and video clip creates connections on the platform. TikTok’s own algorithm adeptly picks up on these connections and trends and will then surface the content on most users’ FYP. 

As a result, being able to hop on TikTok trends and engage with their community quickly is an excellent strategy for businesses. However, it also requires continuous awareness of the platform. TikTok trends sometimes seem to die faster than a lit match. To jump on a trend effectively, you will need someone who can actively monitor the platform and quickly create engaging content. Also, don’t worry if you miss out on a trend. There’s always another just around the corner.

Consider Whether TikTok Makes Sense

There is certainly overlap between the users of other social media platforms and TikTok, especially Instagram. However, the differences of its particular audience and content require specific content with a specialized focus. Instagram reels may work well for TikTok, but you also want to be sure you are creating content in TikTok itself to form the sound or video connections its algorithm prizes. Consider your customer persona(s). If your audience doesn’t skew younger or is already more present on other social media platforms, devoting that extra investment to TikTok might not generate the appropriate ROI. It’s the same with any other social media platform. Consider its suitability for your business.

The Clock is TikToking

TikTok provides businesses with a powerful algorithm and capable tools to engage with a younger audience. For businesses looking to grow its audience and community among Gen Z and even millennials, TikTok is a great digital marketing option. However, it’s distinct in certain ways from other social media platforms and demands specific strategies for creating content. With these strategies, you should have a better understanding for how to engage a younger audience through TikTok. A last bonus tip for getting this far, don’t try to wind back the clock and act young to appeal to a younger audience. They’ll find it artificial, and frustrating compared to genuine sincerity. If you want help delving into the wider network of TikTok or would like advice on how to improve your account’s metrics, contact Rosewood Marketing’s social media marketing team.

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