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how I helped my favourite food blogger via Instagram

This is a feel-good story of how a stranger helped another stranger over Instagram, thousands of miles away!  I love Instagram.  It’s my favourite way to unwind at the end of a long day.  I love being inspired by foodies, fitness experts, yogis and other local small businesses; learning recipes and exercises! And I was able to give back a little bit to one of my favourite bloggers.

Helping Kelsey from Little Bits Of

Last week, I was watching the Stories of one of my favourite food bloggers – Kelsey from Little Bits Of – when she mentioned she was having issues with her WordPress website.  She was so sad!  In short, she had some malware on her site, then when her hosting company resolved the main malware issues, her permalink structure was accidentally reset.  Basically, her old posts were linking to error messages, and her 44,000 followers could no longer find their favourite saved recipes!

Why Is This a Big Deal?

This may not seem like the biggest deal, but for an entrepreneur whose livelihood depends on your website being up and functional, this is a HUGE deal! Your followers can’t find their favourite recipes anymore!

Trust a WordPress Expert

She mentioned that the hosting company had said they weren’t exactly sure what the issue was. Because it was directly related to WordPress setup, it would be hard for them to know. Luckily, I had been through this same issue a month ago with a client’s website.

Thankfully, it was a very easy solution!  All we had to do was change the permalink settings back to the originals that matched the old links, and VOILA – good as new!

I have used and continue to recommend this hosting company to many clients.  They are very good at providing great hosting services and technical support for hosting issues.  But when it comes to issues specifically related to WordPress, I recommend finding a WordPress expert to help you.  You’ll save time, money and a potential headache!

Helping a Stranger from a Thousand Miles Away

I wanted to share this story to remind people to be kind and pay it forward when they can.  I saw how upset Kelsey was and knew I could help turn her day around!  I’m loving it!  Kelsey even gave me a few shout outs on Instagram to all her followers.  How cool is that?!

If you’re looking for great healthy recipes, and just plain entertaining Instagram Stories, make sure you check her out @littlebitsof_realfood.

At the end of the day, be kind to one another and pay it forward when you can!

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