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Should Your Business Run a Boxing Day Promotion?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday recently passed and Boxing Day is coming up.  Did you buy something on Black Friday?  If so, what was it that lead you to make a purchase?  Perhaps you had signed up to a newsletter list and received their special offer right to your inbox. Perhaps you were waiting for a sale on a specific product, and did a Google search to find the best sale.

Should Your Small Business Run a Boxing Day Promotion?

I will admit that I made two purchases, one on Black Friday and one on Cyber Monday. On Black Friday I purchased a pair of much needed winter boots.  How did I find the best deal? I subscribed to several store websites earlier that week, then I received all the deals directly via email. Then on Cyber Monday, I monitored deals from one of my favourite websites www.well.ca and www.indigo.ca and made purchases for Christmas presents for my family (I can’t mention them here, because they’ll read this!).

Whatever method you used, as a business owner, it’s important to reflect upon your own consumer habits.  Can your habits be translated to your business?

What Type of Products/Services Sell Best on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Boxing Day

After reviewing a list of the best Black Friday deals of Amazon.com, the top items all seem to come in under $100, or at least with multiple options of pricing, with the lowest being under $100.  Take for example the Instant Pot.  This has been and continues to be one of the best sellers on Amazon.  They have options of:

  • Under $70
  • Under $100
  • Under $150
  • Over $200

I feel that items under $100 make for perfect gifts, while over $100 would be someone buying for themselves that has done their research about the features they need.

If your products are over $200 or the pride of your business is amazing customer service rather than low prices, you may need a different marketing plan…

Promoting and UnFriday / UnCyber / UnBoxing Day Sale

I work with businesses in a variety of industries and I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. One client sells stand up paddle boards and accessories. His products range from $500-$4000 and his audience is narrow in that they have to be interested in water sports, or looking to upgrade to a better board. For him, we tried a few Black Friday promotions, but ultimately weren’t getting any calls. He prides his business on exceptional knowledge and customer service. We felt that this sale day just didn’t fit with the vision of his business.

So we posted an UnFriday / UnCyber promotion to social media.  Connecting with followers and sending the message that Maui North isn’t about pushing tons of products at cheap prices, but about building a relationship with its customers. The process of picking the perfect board is hard to do by yourself.  But when you contact Maui North they’ll take care of you personally to find the best one for you. We encouraged them to unplug, and enjoy family time.  While letting them know that we’d still love to help them when they are looking.

Our strategy did a complete 180, and we actually found better results by being honest to the brand and vision.  Just because they didn’t’ make a sale on that day, we may have made a connection so that when that person is looking for SUP, they trust us enough to call us.

Be True to Yourself

I find myself always repeating that message, be true to yourself as an entrepreneur in business and great things can happen!  I finally listened to my own advice and did a complete rebrand of Rosewood VA. The new branding better reflects my personality, and I think it looks great!

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