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Rosewood Virtual Admin Web Design Newmarket Deanna Simone

Rosewood VA Web Design Newmarket Deanna Simone

I can’t believe it… Rosewood VA is two years old!

Fall is my favourite season so it’s only fitting that Rosewood VA started during this season and gets to celebrate it every year.  Being a virtual admin is so rewarding I am so thankful to be enjoying this adventure everyday. It really is true that if we just follow our heart everything will fall into place. I am thankful for all of the life events that brought me here, doing what I love and working with such amazing people and businesses.

Thank You to My Clients

What could be better than having your dream job?  Getting to work with amazing people! The biggest thank you goes to all my clients who make me love coming to work in the morning. Whether it’s helping them with their online presence, or sitting in on a brainstorming session, I enjoy it all.  I am so fortunate to work with and learn from each of you (especially when publishing your blogs).  I truly value working together as partners towards your business goals. Thank you for your continued support!

Getting Active in the Community

As part of ‘walking the walk’, I have been getting out to many more networking events this year.  In addition to joining the board of the Green Connections Networking Group, I’ve also been attending a few women’s groups in the Newmarket area. If you’re looking to get out there too come tag along and check out my Community Calendar here.  In supporting one another, we support our community.

The Future is Bright for Rosewood VA

The future is bright for Rosewood VA.  I am an “investigator-type” with an addiction to learning. I am looking to add new services to our repertoire soon. We will also be looking to expand next year and perhaps grow our team. If you know any students with an aptitude for technology, attention to detail and who are looking for a summer job for 2018, please pass along my information.

In terms of celebrating, I’m thinking of doing something really special this weekend.  Stay tuned to find out what it is! Thank you for your continued support in Rosewood VA!  You inspire me to strive to be the best everyday.

– Deanna Simone
Owner/Virtual Admin