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Here's why hashtags are essential for social media growth, with a woman working on a computer sitting on the side of a huge hashtag graphic.

Putting out great content but getting minimal post interactions? This could be because you are using the wrong hashtags! When Instagram first launched, they were the #butt of all jokes. Now, they can make or break your social media strategy. Hashtags can be used in a variety of different ways. That’s why it is important to be able to have a variety of relevant one’s. They are a great way to directly interact with new people within your community. Maybe it means following specific ones, or using them for strategic growth, such as the $1.80 method, (we have a blog all about this method! ) or having your target audience find you through them. Here are our top three ways you should be using hashtags on your posts:

Industry Hashtags: 

Not every industry is going to be using the same hashtags. A Chef most likely won’t use #makeupguru and a lawyer will probably not use #DIY. Choosing one’s that are unique to your industry helps to gear your content to your targeted audience. Having a baseline of seven to ten industry based hashtags can help broaden your content’s reach. When choosing hashtags that are relevant try to find some that fit into a few different aspects of your industry. A great way to find these hashtags, is to see what top accounts in your industry are using. 


Using hashtags specific to your brand is a great way to have your clients and industry interact with your social media. Some great branding examples are brands like; Coca-Cola- #ShareACoke, KitKat- #MyBreak and Calvin Klein with #MyCalvins. As a business owner on social media, you can create your own to include in your posts. You can also encourage your clients to use them while they post about you and your business. Another great way to use hashtags and branding is for  promotions or giveaways, you can include promotion specific hashtags to get your audience excited. 


Businesses that cater to specific areas or regions can really benefit from using location based hashtags. Using these will help to gear your content to your targeted audience geographically. Using location based hashtags can also help to ensure that you are getting clients that you can actually service. As an owner of a landscaping business, you may use #toronto #yorkregion #GTA. By using this combination, it will help show people who stumble on one of your posts what area you cater to. This has proven successful in ensuring time and resources are better spent targeting relatable audiences . Adding locations to the end of your branding hashtag is a great tip for businesses that have multiple locations! 

All in all, hashtags are a great way to help gear your content to the correct audience and help you enhance your social media as a business tool. There are great tools out there such as buffer.com that can help you keep track of your social media growth, and even tell you what your top hashtags are. Using tools like this can help you adjust what ones to use, that way you can maximize your reach and grow your social account even more! 

Whether you are using hashtags to specify your location, raise brand awareness or create a presence in your community, they will always provide you with a wider audience reach than when not using them. So the next time you’re liking a photo, take a moment to see what hashtags they’re using, sometimes you may be surprised.

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Instagram is an excellent tool to increase awareness, reach new customers and clients, network with industry professionals, and build your brand. On Instagram, you are in complete control of exactly how you want your brand to be represented online. If your business is not already on Instagram, these 5 reasons outlined below will surely give you the push you need!  

1. More people are using Instagram than ever before 

According to Hootsuite, Instagram has over 1 billion active users, 500 million of which use the platform daily. And what’s more – 38 percent of these users check the site multiple times a day. And with engagement on Instagram being 10 times higher than on Facebook, you don’t want to miss out on all those potential eyeballs on your business! 

2. Use stories to make your business more relatable 

The best way to show your customers/clients that you are more than just a faceless company, is to take full advantage of the app’s live posts, IGTV, stories, and highlights features. You have full creative freedom to choose what you post on here – you can show a behind the scenes look on how products are made, bits and pieces of your employee’s personal lives, live Q&A sessions – the possibilities are endless! Remember that live posts and stories are an excellent (and cheap!) way to build rapport, trust and credibility with followers, as well as show that there’s a human side to your business. 

3. Use hashtags & geotags to increase visibility 

As a start-up or existing small business, you may be intimidated by the competition, but with the proper use of hashtags and geotags, you are in full control of making your brand stand out from the crowd. Hashtags are essentially keywords that summarize what your post is saying. Also, many people will be able to find your business by searching up key words that relate to your product/service. It also helps Instagram show your content to users with similar interests.  

Geotags on the other hand help your posts reach a local audience – making it easier to network with those near you. Make sure you are tagging your physical location (if you have one) or the cities/towns you serve. You can also check in at local businesses and events to increase your visibility even more!

4. You can effectively and creatively engage with your customers

On Instagram you can connect with your followers daily through likescomments, shares, and much more. The more likes and comments you get, the more visible your company becomes. You can get more likes by taking high-quality photos, using local hashtags, and partnering with other brands. Also, you can get super creative! Show the public that your brand has personality by mixing it up with contests, polls, vivid images, live videos, and more. 

5. Keep an eye on your competition

Your company can use Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors and see how they interact with their followers. Watch carefully to find out how often they post, what they are posting and how they engage with their followers. You can use the information you gather to better define your own personal strategy. 


How frequently you post also has a huge impact on building and maintaining your follower engagement. Here at Rosewood we firmly believe in quality over quantity. We strongly encourage posting engaging, original content 2-3 times a week rather than sharing filler posts or re-posts daily. Therefore, for our clients we typically post 3 to 7 times a week to effectively increase their visibility and following.

One final take away – more people are paying attention to Instagram than ever before, and you may be missing out on millions of potential customers/clients by not leveraging Instagram to boost your business. Take these 5 tips and use them to start building your Instagram presence today! 

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