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A graphic that has the shopify logo (A green shopping bag with a white S on it) with clouds around the bag. The title reads : "Take your shopify store to the next level: Our top shopify apps for increasing conversions."

As a Shopify store owner, there are many tools out there to help you increase conversions. There’s no denying that competition is stiff online, and the past year has been incredibly challenging for business owners. By using the Shopify apps we share below, you’ll find that you can boost your sales in no time at all.

Privy- Shopify Apps To Send Emails & Messages

Privy is one of the top eCommerce marketing platforms out there for Shopify store owners. It offers you the ability to send emails and SMS messages all from one place. On top of that, you’ll find that it’s a great option for running contests and building your email list. We really appreciate that it offers you the chance to record your Shopify conversions directly related to your Privy efforts. You’ll see your hard work pay off in no time at all.


Building an attractive landing page is one of the key ways to convert customers to purchase your products or services. Zipify is a landing page builder which offers you templates that are proven to convert. The team at Zipify uses their own experience growing a successful eCommerce business to create the tools that Shopify owners need to enjoy an easier and more profitable life as a business owner. It’s suitable for first-time store owners and more experienced professionals and will help you to make the most of your Shopify store.

Social Photos – Shopify Apps That Links To Your Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s crucial that you update your site and social media accounts with attractive images. Social Photos offers you the chance to curate social media photos of your products. This is particularly useful for apparel and home goods stores. By encouraging your customers to share your photos with this Shopify app, they will help to boost both sales and interest in your business. This app integrates with Instagram, so you can moderate your feed and have full control over your posts and tags.


GroWave is one of the most impressive Shopify apps, which provides you with all of the tools you need in one place. It combines reviews, social proof, loyalty and rewards, and a wishlist feature. The loyalty and rewards features are ideal for anyone looking to increase the lifetime value of each customer. You can work to give each of your customers the VIP treatment, which will boost their loyalty to your brand. GroWave also helps you to simplify the buying process by offering you the chance to send personal reminders about sales, price drops, and items running out of stock on your site.

We know that increasing Shopify conversions is one of the biggest challenges for Shopify store owners. By using these Shopify apps, you’ll have all of the features you need to support you on your journey to increasing your conversions over the next few months. If you need help deciding what Shopify Apps to add to your website or need help installing them you can book a call with us here!

Graphic of "How to make your website faster"

Website speed is the number one determining factor for if a visitor will actually see your website. You already did the hard work of directing them to it. Don’t lose out on potential business by having a website that takes over 2 seconds to load.

Here are our recommendations for testing your website’s speed and then improving it.

Checking your website speed 

Web Page Test is a great free tool that you can use right now to check the speed of your site. 

Google Page Speed Insights is also an industry favourite. Just enter your website’s URL and it will calculate the speed for you. 

Are images slowing your website’s speed? 

Oversize images can drastically slow down the speed of your site. A good rule of thumb is that graphic files should be PNGs while image files should be JPEGs. If your images and graphic files aren’t right, then you can always upload them into Canva, and re-download them as the correct file. 

Another great way to change the type of file is by using a file converter, you can find a bunch of these on Google. Rosewood uses Converter & Bulk Resizer

Clearing your Website’s Cache

A cache is a storage location that collects temporary data to help websites, apps and browsers load faster. So when someone is returning to your website, it will load faster, since the cache automatically stored a bunch of useful information about your site on their first visit. Clearing your cache will help to increase your website speed. A great tool to use is SEO Site Checkup, it is free and will check your site’s cache for you.

Outdated Software, Plugins & Apps

Outdated software such as the core wordpress environment, or supporting plugins could also be another reason why your website has slowed down. If you don’t have the time to make these updates yourself, let Rosewood do it for you! Contact us to find out about our Maintenance plans. 

Website speed is a critical determining factor for who actually sees your website content. People won’t wait around for ever. Make sure your website loads quickly, fully and securely for potential visitors.  Your potential clients, and Google, will appreciate it! 

wordpress plugins

Have you ever just wished your website had that one feature that could make your life that much easier?  Whether you’re a massage therapist looking for payment recording features, or wanting to keep track of contact information for sales on products in case of item recalls.  No matter what you’re looking for, chances are there’s a plugin for that!

WordPress is a world-wide, online, open source website creation tool.  Because it is open source, it means anyone can create themes and plugins for it.  Plugins are these amazing add-ons that plug in to your existing WordPress site.  These plugins can be anything from SEO tools, to specialized image galleries, to product management systems, even sales conversions tools.

If you need it, chances are someone else did too and there should be a plugin for that!

Free vs. Premium Plugins

In the world of plugins, like most everything else, there are free and paid versions.  The free versions typically include the basics of the plugin, minus some nice features like customization and branding.  The premium versions are typically everything you could want right out of the box for a cost.

Plugins range in price depending on their complexity, available support and required features.  Most have the option to buy outright, or pay monthly.

Some of the BEST WordPress Plugins

There are some really amazing plugins out there right now.  The ones I’m currently loving are:

  • Akismet
  • Jetpack
  • WP Smush
  • Wordfence

These are my essential bundles that I install on every website I develop.  Then I leave room for customizing options specific to the client’s wants & needs.

Some premium plugins that I enjoy are:

  • NextGen Pro Image Gallery
  • Wordfence Pro
  • Events Calendar Pro
  • WooCommerce Premium Extensions (PayPal, etc.)
  • Give Premium

The Downside to so Many Plugins?

The only downside to there being so many plugins, is that there are so many to filter through when you’re looking for your dream one.  That’s why I am constantly reviewing plugins in a wide range of functionalities so I can find THE BEST ONES.

What’s that one feature that would make your life easier and more efficient?

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