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New Year’s Inspirations from Local Small Business Owners

new year's inspirations

You either love making New Year’s Resolutions, or you hate it.  This year I decided to do something different.  I reached out to some of my clients and asked for their New Year’s Inspirations for 2017.

What’s unique is that they’re all local small business owners or entrepreneurs, in a range of very different industries!

But let’s see if they have similar New Year’s Inspirations!

Maureen Burleson – Owner of The Montana Group bookkeeping firm.

To embrace various technologies and all they have to offer.  This will help my business, and my customers, in retrieving and recording all the data needed in a timely and efficient manner.  The desired outcome being accurate financial reports to assist in making smart business decisions.  One less problem to keep us awake at night.

Detective Constable Al Robinson – York Regional Police & Chair of IAITS

Work Focused – “Understand and have a working knowledge of social media (With Deanna’s Help!); the new, (Snap Chat and others I’ve never heard of) and the old, (Facebook and Twitter)”

Work Focused – “Have a successful International Symposium in April 2017 and create a large ongoing international network benefiting corporate and government organizations.”

Personal – “To be better organized, balancing work, play and family; while appreciating every moment”

Wendy Williams – Owner of Taiji Training & Turquoise Tiger face painting

I would like to clean up and streamline my digital world so I feel more organized with better time management! = Taiji Training

My goal for 2017 is to update and relaunch my business – new logo, new services, new website! – Turquoise Tiger

Danielle Cosentino R.H.N., R.M.T., Natural Chef for Danielle’s Naturals, Food in Motion, 4 the Luv of Food, and Vince’s Market

I would like to manage my time more efficiently, and utilize the appropriate resources, for a better work-life balance in 2017.

Arthur Field – Owner of Nexus Coffee Company & Vertical Veggies

To surprise & delight our customers with more innovative products & drinks plus offer more workshops for tea & coffee education!

Christine Simone – Controller of Simone Performance automotive repair

I would like to get healthier in 2017 by continuing to exercise and to really concentrate on eating organic, wholesome foods.

Ian Hawkins – Owner of Mount Albert Tax Company & Holland Landing Tax Company

I would like to find ways to minimize the impact of rising costs.

I would like to find ways to process our ever increasing volume of clients more efficiently while still spending time with those who need it.

Giancarlo – Partner of Vince’s Market independent grocery store

I would like to get my blogs completed and submitted on time every week 🙂

David Town – Owner of Your Leadership Matters

I would like to do more coaching and consulting in the area of character-based Leadership.  I see a need for more character in leadership.

Kat Downey – Owner of Legacy Matters funeral pre-planning

I would like to make 20 calls a day to create leads and follow up with potential customers.

Kathleen Bernardi – Owner of Woodland Dental Hygiene

No more eating between meals and any time that I do eat, I must be sitting at a table.

As you can see, there are a lot of similar goals!  Most have to do with embracing technology, being more organized, and having a better work life balance.  All while being healthy…  Now that’s not much to ask for is it?

And I thought I would end this blog with my own inspirations…

Deanna Simone – Owner of Rosewood VA (Virtual Admin)

Business: I would like to attend more networking events in 2017 and become more active in our community.

Personal: To continue to live a balanced lifestyle: Exercising for 1 hour every day, and eating at least 1 plate of raw vegetables every day!

To meet my goals, I have already committed to a large networking event in February: East Gwillimbury’s Women in Business Luncheon.  And, I’ve committed to a workout program of T25. Technically it’s only 25 minutes, but it feels like an hour!

What are some of your New Year’s Inspirations?  And how are you making them become a reality?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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