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Let’s Talk Surveys: SurveyMonkey VS Gravity Forms Add-Ons

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Do you ever sit at night wondering about what your customers are thinking when it comes to your business? Or maybe it’s not your customers, but the people within your company. Perhaps you’re gathering information about a new market, or product. Well, surveys are a great way to collect this information!

Two great tools to use for surveying are SurveyMonkey Advantage and Gravity Forms Survey Add-Ons. In this blog, we will go through some key differences not only between the two tools, but also between what each of their plans offers.


SurveyMonkey is a platform that allows you to create surveys and review the collected data. We have broken down their 3 plans into a few charts, comparing prices and features.

Premier Plan Advantage PlanStandard Plan
Phone support and 24/7 email support 24/7 expedited email support24/7 priority email support
Unlimited responses per surveyUnlimited responses per survey1000 responses per month*
*Please note that these prices are in USD and are subject to change*

The most notable difference between the 3 plans is the Standard plan only allowing 1000 responses per month. However, if you aren’t surveying a large group, then the standard size should suffice.

SurveyMonkey’s Features

Premier Plan Advantage PlanStandard Plan
Skip Logic OnlySkip Logic OnlySkip Logic Only
Quizzes with custom feedbacksQuizzes with custom feedbacksQuizzes with custom feedbacks
A/B testing, randomization, quotasA/B testing, randomization, quotas
File UploadFile Upload
Accept PaymentsAccept Payments
Advance branching and piping
Block randomization
Multilingual surveys
*Please note that features are subject to change*

As we can see here, each plan increases in features, with the Premier plan offering the most customizations when it comes to building your survey. Both the Premier and Advantage plans offers the ability to accept payments. This is a really great option if your survey is geared towards helping your customers make a purchasing decision based on their specific needs.

SurveyMonkey’s Analysis

Premier Plan Advantage PlanStandard Plan
Unlimited Filters & CrosstabsUnlimited Filters & CrosstabsUnlimited Filters & Crosstabs
Text analysisText analysisText analysis
Data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)Data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)Data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)
Advance data exports (SPSS)Advance data exports (SPSS)
Custom variablesCustom variables
Sentiment analysis
*Please note that analysis features are subject to change*

Creating a survey isn’t very useful if you aren’t able to read the results! Each of SurveyMonkey’s plans offers more in depth analysis’ of the data that you collect. Both the Premier and Advantage plans offer great analysis features if you are looking to survey a large group of people.

Overall, SurveyMonkey is a great tool to use if you plan to ask a lot of questions, or if you plan on surveying a large group. You can choose from multiple different styles of questions of questions. They’re also user friendly, as build your survey by dragging and dropping! You can find more about SurveyMonkey and their plans HERE

Gravity Forms Survey Add-On

Basic License Pro LicenseElite License
1 site3 sitesunlimited sites
Basic Add-OnsBasic & Pro Add-OnsBasic, Pro & Elite Add-Ons
*Please note that prices are in USD and both prices and features are subject to change*

Gravity Forms Survey Add-On’s plans all offer base features, with addition add-ons based on the paid plan. This is great, as you get quite a lot for their basic license. Down below is all of their base features. With each license upgrade, Gravity Forms includes more add-ons, plus the add-ons from the tiers below it.

Unlimited Forms Unlimited Entries Conditional LogicMulti-Page Forms
File UploadsWordPress Multi-SiteAutomatic UpdatesStandart Support*
*Elite License offers Priority Support

Elite Add-Ons include PayPal Payments Pro, Strip, User Registration and Advanced Post Creation, plus much more.

With Gravity Forms Survey Add-On, you get more control over how your survey will look. The reason for this is because you build the survey form on your own website. Since Gravity Forms surveys are built off of your WordPress website, you can integrate different functions into it. You can find more about Gravity Forms Survey Add-On HERE

In Conclusion

You are probably thinking “well, now I know the differences between the two, what one is the better option?” If you don’t have a WordPress website, or need to run a survey on your website, then perhaps SurveyMonkey is the better option for you. In contrary, if you do have a WordPress website, and would like to more freedom in creating your survey, then you will most likely find Gravity Forms Add-On more useful. Both Survey Monkey and Gravity Forms provide you with a reporting tool where you can see the data that has been collected from your surveys. All in all, after comparing the two, your decision should come down to which option is better for you and your business.

If you need help with your Gravity Forms Survey Add-Ons, Contact us HERE! We would love to help you set up your next survey!

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