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Learning as an Entrepreneur: Coming Back After Being Sick

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I wanted to take the time to write a somewhat personal blog.  As we all know when you’re an entrepreneur your personal and professional lives usually are intertwined.

About three weeks ago I came down with the worst cold I’ve ever had.  It took me 16 days to recover. I know it was due to a combination of stress and thinking that I was invincible. The fact is no one is invincible, even the entrepreneur who tries to be everything and do everything.

I learned it’s okay to ask for help; something that I’m not used to doing.  You can’t wear all the hats all the time.  That is partially why I love my job so much, because I often get to be the backup behind the busy entrepreneur.  When they just have too much on their plate, I love being able to help.

Having Transparency in Business

Some virtual admins would be hesitant to talk about having to take downtime because it may look “bad for business”.  But I highly believe in transparency in my business.  Yes, I was sick, it can happen to anyone.  Yes, I had to ask some clients if some of their non-critical work could wait a few days.  However, anything urgent STILL GOT DONE!

I was actually in the middle of a large E-Commerce website launch.  I got sick the Thursday, I had to do an in-person presentation with them Friday morning, and the store went live Friday evening.  But I got through it, then hit the hay from 7pm Friday until 9am Monday morning.  Usually I work on weekends too, so to me it felt like 2 days off (even then I will admit I couldn’t help checking my phone and responding to emails).

Choose Who You Work With Wisely

That’s why it is so important to choose who you work with wisely.  All of my clients had no problem rescheduling our meetings, or waiting an extra day to have their work completed.  And I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that!

Lesson Learned – Sometimes We All Need a Little Help

What I have learned is that while I’m so busy helping everyone else, perhaps it’s time to bring some help in-house.  I may be exploring bringing on a new Rosewood team member or outsourcing something simple yet time consuming, like my own accounting.  Either way as entrepreneurs especially we have to remember our business is nothing without a healthy “us” behind it!

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Wishing you all a happy & healthy beginning of spring!


P.S. I chose the image because purple is my favourite colour and I love watercolour flowers.

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