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Instagram Video Marketing for Beginners: Rosewood’s Top 4 Tips for Success

Happy Monday friends! Today’s topic is all about the ins and outs of video marketing on Instagram and how it can take your brand’s online presence to new heights! As you may or may not know – Rosewood loves Instagram, and we also just launched our new videography services for clients (check out our recent blog – LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – WHY YOU NEED VIDEO MARKETING to learn more).

Let’s face it – Instagram has completely taken the social media world by storm and has forever changed the way businesses and clients interact with each other. Instagram is unique in that it thrives on an entirely distinctive visual approach to content dissemination. And in 2019, it is undoubtedly one of the most important platforms to include in your social marketing strategy.

And don’t worry if you’re an Instagram newbie, the application is known for being incredibly user-friendly, and with Rosewood to guide you through the learning process, you’ll be sharing top-quality videos faster than you think! Keep reading for our top 4 Instagram video marketing tips to help your business thrive.

#1. Understanding Instagram Culture

Instagram is the social media platform where brands show their audience who they are; it’s about shaping perceptions about a brand’s personality. And you only have 60 seconds to explain your product or message and grab the attention of your audience. Writing super long captions can backfire because the inherent appeal of the platform is its focus on visual aesthetics.

For example – Starbucks, a top brand on Instagram, clearly understands insta-culture. In curating their brand story, they’re definitely playing the role of your fun, artsy BFF. Virtually every video and photo are clearly branded in some way – whether it’s a shot of a paper cup elaborately embellished by a fan, or just a distinctive green straw poking through a mountain of whipped cream.

The main idea behind Instagram is sharing videos and images to build your own credibility on the platform. You can ask popular brands and/or influencers to give you shout-outs. Additionally, you can get your clients to create fun testimonial videos as a part of a give-away or contest.

#2. Create Compelling Videos That are Worth Watching

Instagram gives you the unique chance to tell great stories through captivating visual content. So, don’t be afraid to get super creative by showcasing your brand or services in a new light. You don’t need to completely rebrand yourself, but instead, try to show your brand’s versatility. And the best part is that since Instagram videos are bite-sized, people are much more likely to watch them.

Create simple how-to videos. Do a fun contest or give-away to thank your audience for their support. Offer behind-the-scenes glimpses. Give followers sneak peeks of upcoming products or services. Be relevant to their interests and stay up-to-date on current events. Show off your personal style.

#3. Take Advantage of Stories and IGTV Features

According to Instagram, around 70% of its users watch video content in the form of stories on a daily basis. And out of this number, there seems to be a marked preference (roughly 50%) towards those videos that make them laugh. Even more important than that is about one in four Gen Z and Millennials actively seek stories of products, services, and brands they are considering buying.

So, as you begin to chart out your upcoming plans for video marketing content on Instagram, keep an eye on these insights and try to make the most use out of them. These statistics represent clear trends on user preferences for the types of content users look for on the app, so they provide an ideal starting point to start developing video content that will help you reach the people you want.

And remember – there is always the new and flourishing IGTV option which is similar to YouTube in that you can post full length videos without time constraints. For example, you could provide a preview for your new how-to video on your feed and stories which will then direct followers to watch the full video on your IGTV channel if they wish – without being overly pushy. Brilliant!

#4. Don’t Dismiss the Importance of Instagram Analytics

Identifying where you stand among your competitors can have serious payoffs for optimizing your social media strategy.

Some beneficial analytics metrics to consider:

  • tracking post performance
  • monitoring Instagram trends
  • monitoring impressions and views
  • tracking comments and hashtag usage
  • measuring audience engagement
  • identifying influencers in your industry

Analytics can tell you what’s working and what needs to change. And over time, you can build a large scope of data to track and measure performance. It is incredibly valuable to know when and how your audience is engaging with your Instagram content, and how you can improve your performance moving forward.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks! Rosewood’s top 4 tips for video marketing success on Instagram! And remember – our goal is to help you create and share visual content (videos and images) that help your brand build credibility and familiarity within your target market. These 4 strategies will ensure that you are not only interacting with your audience in a meaningful way, but that you are also taking full advantage of Instagram’s lucrative video marketing tools. And remember – as the popularity and importance of Instagram videos continue to grow and develop, the opportunities for businesses to reach their desired audiences will increase as well.

Of course, we are always happy to help! Rosewood offers both videography services and social media training. If you have any questions on how to get started, feel free to contact us directly.

Happy filming!

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