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Email Workflow Sequences for Shopify and E-Commerce Stores Part 2

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In our last blog, we talked about email workflow sequences for Shopify and E-Commerce stores, specifically with nurturing leads and new customers. In this blog, we continue with that topic and what to do once you’ve converter your lead into a customer,

Here’s a refresher from the last blog :

“As a Shopify store owner, email marketing is one of the best tools on offer to help you retain customers and build relationships with potential clients. When compared to other digital marketing options, you’ll find that it offers the highest ROI and encourages more repeat purchases. The key to a successful email workflow is to find campaigns that work for your audience. Keep reading as we share some of our top email marketing ideas so you can set up email workflow sequences to build your customer base this year.” 

Welcome Emails Workflow

The first template we recommend setting up for email marketing is a welcome email. This is the message a customer will receive when they first sign up for a Shopify store’s mailing list. While you might have a template already for customers who’ve purchased from your store, you also need another one for those who have yet to convert to paying customers. Welcome emails have a higher open rate than standard promotional emails, so it’s a great time to convert customers who weren’t quite ready to invest in your products or services. A welcome email should start with a warm welcome to your new subscribers before offering a discount or incentive to purchase. Use this email to set clear expectations with your customers and encourage them to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram for more information about your Shopify store.

An Abandoned Cart Email Workflow

Customers who’ve abandoned their shopping cart were so close to purchasing from your store, so you just need to give them that final push to secure their business. Email marketing of this type should take on a series of emails, which help to push towards securing their business within a few days. The first email should come one day after the abandoned cart, and it needs to remind them of the products they left behind. Another day later, you’ll send an email that strives to overcome any objections they have. You can offer a FAQ section about the product or service or share product benefits.

Finally, 72 hours later, it’s time to offer them a discount or final incentive to purchase. Find a way to offer this discount without heavily impacting your profit margins. This three-part series is something you should have set up straight away as a new business owner and will help to convert customers who need that little extra push to part with their hard-earned cash.

Repeat Customer Emails Workflow

Repeat customers are just as important as new customers for your email marketing efforts. They make up roughly 25% of most company’s revenue, so don’t overlook building your relationship with these loyal customers. You need to treat them differently from your new customers so that they choose to return to your business over and over again in the future. A few ways to do this include checking in a couple of days after their purchase has arrived. You could also use this as a time to get their feedback or a review of your site. Following that, you’ll want to offer them customized recommendations based on their last purchase. You don’t necessarily need to rely on promo codes with these customers, as this will offer them great value and make shopping easier than before.

There are so many different ways to use email marketing as a Shopify store owner. By using a combination of the email workflow sequences we shared here today, you’ll find that you not only retain existing customers but also convert new customers to paying ones. We highly recommend creating templates that you can use over and over again so you don’t spend hours sending emails. You’ll quickly see a huge improvement to your sales when you apply all of these techniques this year, helping your Shopify store to have its best year yet in 2022. Seems like too much? Contact us today and we can help you set up your next email campaign! 

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