Common Questions about Social Media Marketing PT. 1

Common Questions About Social Media Marketing - When should you post, how often should you post, is it worth it? Rosewood Marketing Agency in Toronto

Social Media is one of the best ways to reach potential clients and keep your current clients engaged in your business. When something seems simple to DIY, there are a ton of questions that come up when you look at paying for Social Media Marketing, or at least putting in more time yourself to manage your accounts.

Common Questions About Social Media Marketing, PT. 1

When, Why and HOW MUCH??

How frequently should I post to social media?

  • Prior to late 2018, we were recommending 3-5 days per week to see organic growth
  • In late 2018, we noticed a significant stagnation in organic growth
  • Once we increased posting to 7 days per week the accounts started growing organically again

What is the purpose of Social Media Marketing?

  • It’s important to determine your own goals for social media as their strategies are inherently different to get you there
  • Growth (Numbers Game)
  • Leads (Real Conversions)
  • Customer Retention (Upselling, Repeat Customers, Reminders of Services, Promotions, etc.)
  • Credibility & Trust (your posts should showcase your most recent work/services, etc. and prove why potential clients (and current clients) should trust you with their business.

My business is already successful, why do I need Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube?

  • “I already have enough money” – said no one ever… except maybe Bill Gates…
  • If your business is already successful and is not actively seeking new clients, switch your social media marketing goals towards customer retention and up-selling. You’ve done the hard work of building a loyal customer-base, but there’s always room for increased sales.
  • Give-back to your customer-base – run contests, provide free information, tutorials, etc. that they can do themselves or that compliment the products/services you provide

I didn’t get any leads from my social media, should I just stop posting?

  • While getting leads from social media is a focus, it’s not the only reason for having a social presence.
  • Social media is critical for customer retention as well – showcasing your products to your customers and reminding them they haven’t seen you in a while
  • It also is a way to show your specials, promotions, etc.

Stay tuned for our next articles on The Best Social Media Marketing Apps of 2020 and How to Repurpose One Piece of Content 10x!

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