This past weekend I developed a WordPress website for a Photographer friend.  She is like a cousin to me, as in long, long, long-time family friends.  And she is a truly talented photographer.  Working with her on developing her new website made me realize how many businesses and organizations take professional photography for granted.  When really they should be using photography as a tool to build their brand’s image.

I built her website using WordPress with the exact same platform and available tools as I can use and have used to build others.   What makes her project so different however is how the quality and professionalism of the images truly makes the website look like a million dollars.

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One of the most common questions I am asked is simply, “What should I post on social media for my business?”.  And while it’s a simple question, the answer differs depending on a wide variety of factors.

Facebook post types can vary depending on the industry of business and the nature of that business’ Facebook page.  If you have a lot going on in the near future, it’s easy to post about what’s upcoming.  But what if you don’t have a special upcoming event, or a new product launching?  How do you stay connected to your audience, without becoming a nuisance or ultimately losing followers?

Here are two types of posts that any business can do on a frequent basis to engage with your audience while still offering value: educational and positive.


Educational posts are a win-win for everyone; the poster and followers.  The poster interacts with followers and the followers could possibly learn something new.  There are tons of articles and blogs written daily on topics that may be relevant to your business that you can then share or link to.  Make sure you include a brief description of WHY you found this important enough to share.

For example, you’re in the clothing industry and a new type of fabric has been created.  Or, you’ve found a neat, short video with an innovative way to fold t-shirts.  You can share those items and it should provide some value to your followers.

The main goal of sharing educational posts is to PROVIDE VALUE and in-turn associate that value with your brand.


Positive posts can be anything ranging from a beautiful landscape, to a positive quote.  These are quick and easy to view.  Try to avoid anything political that could cause too much of a backlash.  If you’re going to be radical, make sure you’re ready to deal with damage control (see my previous blog on Damage Control here).

For example, try to balance out positive quotes with a bit of humour and a bit of beautiful photography. Mix it all together and spread it out and you’ll be making positive impacts on your followers.

The main goal of sharing positive posts is to spread positivity and associate said positivity with your brand.

You’re ready to share positivity with your followers

Next time you’re running out of things to post, reach for something with educational or positive content.  You can even keep a few saved on your computer as backup when you’re in a pinch.  While there are many different types of posts, these two types are great for frequent impact and will leave a positive impression on your followers while also building your brand.

If you are looking for help building your online presence and awareness through social media marketing, I invite you to contact me by telephone or email, or through FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.  I look forward to helping you help our community!

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When it comes to business branding, it’s arguable that HOW the message looks is almost as important as the message itself.  Business owners will spend hours developing the perfect logo, taglines, mission statements, etc.  But once those are complete, which of the thousands of fonts do you choose to represent you, your business and your message?

As a website developer, I have seen that choosing a font is one of the most important processes.  You want your message and your branding to be consistent.  Here is a great article on where to start when choosing fonts and helps with common questions like what the main types are – serif, sans-serif and cursive.

By the way, does that all-caps font look familiar to you in the image above?  It’s called Lion King.  Now you see how important font and its associations (even subconsciously) can be! Read more