Rosewood Marketing Instagram reels tips for making short video.

Want to grow your business and reach your dedicated community? It may not be for everyone, but consistency is key for staying at the top of your followers’ feeds. You may have posts and stories worked out, but what about Reels? Don’t let them fall by the wayside with these tips for great Instagram reels. Instagram currently prioritizes Reels for suggested content. This means they are the best way to reach your target audience and grow your following and reach on the platform. 

Need some tips to help get you started? Here are 5 to get your Insta Reels rolling:

  1. Take advantage of the all the features: Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes creators who use the new functions and features. Adding filters, camera effects, audio, and/or text to your video will give your Reels a leading edge for appearing in viewer’s feeds. Just don’t add too many. Instagram prefers a little over a lot. Bonus – Captions: The majority of video on social media is watched without sound, so adding text or captions is essential for reaching most viewers. Your content will be more discoverable and also more accessible to anyone with hearing difficulties. 
  2. Not too much production: Pretty, produced videos are great for selling your product(s), but people also love seeing what makes your brand tick. Informal and genuine short clips from behind the scenes are a great place to start for Reels. They’re easy to make, take little planning and time, and have a personal touch. Just make sure to keep the video quality high. Neither Instagram’s algorithm nor viewers like a blurry Reel.
  3. Use trends and brands for inspiration: Look through the Reels tab see any current trends and aesthetics that are consistently popping up. Look at other creators you like or members of your industry for ideas. But don’t just copy. What are they doing? What do you like? How can that content work for your brand?
  4. Be authentic and sincere: Sell what your brand is, not what it isn’t. Don’t underestimate the ability of a customer to see right through false or insincere content that’s hopping on another major trend. Your followers were drawn to your brand in the first place, so make sure to keep emphasizing that niche and give your content that unique touch.
  5. Share content from your community: Not only is this content you didn’t have to make, but it’s also a genuine positive response to your brand. Sharing that content engages with your community, strengthening that connection and making people feel a part of your brand. Don’t just share though. Some extra text creates engagement, and Instagram deprioritizes content that is simply reshared.

These tips should give you a better handle on making great Instagram Reels. Don’t forget to have fun and flex those creative muscles. A couple other general tips. 

  • Include a call-to-action that drives viewers to the link in your bio. 
  • Share your Reels to your main feed and add hashtags to increase discoverability. Just 3 to 5 will mean reaching more viewers.
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