3 Words of Intention for 2016



3 Words of Intention for 2016

A small movement has been started by our very own Karen Armstrong of Inside Out in Newmarket and she calls it her Intention Words.  Instead of setting goals or resolutions, she chooses to start the New Year by focusing on 3 Words that will inspire us and help open us up to all that 2016 will bring. From a Social Media Strategist stand-point, this is a unique type of blog post as it shies away from the normal educational purpose of a business blog and instead gives very personal insight into the business owner themselves.  As a solopreneur or small entrepreneur, it can be a great idea to write these personal posts every once in a while for the public to get to know you a little better.

The 3 Intention Words I have chosen to inspire my 2016 are:

1. Focus

2. Health

3. Community

1. Focus:  In a world full of distractions, it is beyond easy to lose focus.  I am a very eager person, and sometimes have to reign myself away from distractions to focus on the task(s) at hand.  Especially at this time in my life, with a new business and numerous clients counting on me to help their small businesses succeed, I need to focus.  I will focus on their current needs and also keep an eye out for anything that can help them going forward.  By partnering with them instead of working for them I feel I have a role to play in their success and I love to help in any way possible.  To achieve this focus I will have to call on my strengths of time management, to-do lists and maintaining balance between my business with my personal life.

2. Southlake-NameHealth:  Before I chose the Technology and Marketing streams, I seriously considered being a nutritionist.  I was overweight as a youth and since losing weight and educating myself about proper nutrition I have become a self-proclaimed health advocate for myself, friends and family.  I love cooking, I love exercising and I love sharing my knowledge with people who are interested. I have already begun planning out a large garden for my new home in Uxbridge.  In addition to healthy eating, I also plan to train for and participate in a few runs this year; some for charity and some for fun.  Last year a group of us participated in the Urban Toronto Mud Run and the Southlake Foundation – Run or Walk for Southlake.  We had an amazing time and we will definitely be doing them again this summer!

3. Community: Although I am a new small business owner, I am not new to the small business world of York Region.  My parents have owned a small business in Newmarket for 11 years, during which I attended various networking events as a guest or sub.  This year I will commit myself not only to my own small business, but to as many local small businesses as possible.  I will concentrate my time and efforts on supporting local businesses to help boost our local economy.  Working out of Newmarket allows me to support York Region where I grew up, had my first job and an area that I absolutely love.   I am also a new resident of Uxbridge and am excited to explore their small grocers, farmer’s markets and unique Main Street shopping core.  How lucky that I get the best of both worlds with only a 25 minute commute!

Now that you’ve learned a little more about me and my 3 Words of Intention, what 3 Words will you choose to inspire your new year?


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  1. Bob FORBES
    Bob FORBES says:

    Hi Deanna,

    Your “Three Intentional Words”
    Focus, Health, Community.
    That’s great! Good for you!
    Great story!
    I’m certain that you will keep that promise to yourself!

    As for myself,
    Live, Love, Laugh!

    All the best for 2016.


    Bob FORBES
    “the GAZEBO guy”
    1-647-468-5062 Cel

  2. Karen Armstrong
    Karen Armstrong says:

    Yeah Deanna! I am so looking forward to having you part of my team this year and am thrilled to see the intention words you chose to hold the energy of what is important for you. Let’s bring lots of loving light to ourselves and our community! I look forward to your future posts. Cheers!


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